Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the product suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, the product is suitable for vegetarians and also Halal for Muslim consumptions.

Do NatureCeuticals products have an expiry date?

You will find that all products have an expiry date printed on the label of the product.   

What if I have an adverse reaction to a NatureCeuticals product?

In the unlikely event that you experience an adverse reaction to a NatureCeuticals product, please discontinue use and return it to the place of purchase. Do not hesitate to contact us with the details of your reaction.

Please refer to our Delivery and Returns policy for further information regarding the conditions of return and exchange.

I'm on anti-hypertensive medication, can I stop taking my medication once I start taking the Cat Whiskers herb Blood Cleanser product?

Blood Cleanser can cause a decrease in blood pressure. However, the product is not meant to replace your existing medication. If you are on anti-hypertensive medication make sure you regularly check your blood pressure when taking Blood Cleanser to make sure your blood pressure is within the normal healthy range. Consult your health practitioner if you are unsure.  Make sure you take plenty of water when you are taking Blood Cleanser. The natural diuretic properties of the Cat Whiskers herb can lead to a drop in blood pressure.

 I'm on anti-diabetic medication, can I stop taking my medication once I start taking the Cat Whiskers herb Blood Cleanser product?

Blood Cleanser can cause a decrease in your blood sugar level. Taking diabetic medications along with Blood Cleanser may cause blood sugar to drop below the normal level and this can be harmful. Regularly check your blood sugar level and consult your health practitioner before taking this product for this purpose.


When can I expect to receive my order?

Where the order is to be delivered to an Australian address via Standard Delivery, NatureCeuticals will use reasonable endeavours to deliver the order within ten working days (Monday – Friday,  excluding official public holidays) from the date the order was submitted by you.

Delivery to an overseas address will take between 10 - 20 working days, depending on the country.

What are NatureCeuticals' delivery rates? 

The following delivery costs apply:

  • Australia wide - flat rate of $10 AUD
  • Overseas - depending on destination

    If you wish to pick up from Blacktown, please enter the code PICKUP in the discount code section.

    Delivery to an overseas address is calculated at checkout, depending on the country.

    Is there a limit on the amount of items I can order?

    There is no limit of any kind, but should you wish to order more than 12 bottles or looking for a 3-month programme package, please send us an email beforehand as we can offer you a special price.    

    Can I exchange an item purchased online in NatureCeuticals web store at one of stockist?

    To exchange an item purchased online, please post the item to: 

    PO Box 8101
    Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia

    If sending by post, you are responsible for the applicable shipping and additional postage charges.

    All items must be returned unopened and in their original saleable condition to be eligible for exchange. Please refer to our Delivery and Returns policy for further information regarding returns and exchanges.

    What should I do if my order has been damaged in transit?

    If an item has been damaged in transit, NatureCeuticals will provide you with a full refund or exchange. Please submit an email to so that we may ascertain the details of your order.  

    Can I use a gift voucher online?

    NatureCeuticals offers online vouchers to be purchased, which can only be used in NatureCeuticals' online store. Vouchers will not be accepted when buying with our stockist.   

    The voucher can only be used in a single transaction and is already included a delivery fee within Australia.  You will be emailed with a unique code, which you can forward to your friends or loved one.    



    Do I need an account with NatureCeuticals to place an order?

    You do not need to create an account to shop online; rather, you can purchase as a guest.

    However, creating an account will allow you to move more swiftly through the purchasing process: you will be able to save your personal details, store delivery addresses, peruse past orders, and receive special NatureCeuticals customer event invitations and new product information.

    Creating an account is easy and it only takes a few minutes.

    How can I enhance my security when I shop online?

    NatureCeuticals endeavours to ensure the safety of your personal information when visiting our online store, however, there are additional security measures we advise our customers to adopt in order to enhance online security.

    These include:

    • Ensuring your internet browser is up-to-date with the latest version
    • Choosing unique passwords, keeping them private, and changing them frequently
    • Investing in a reputable anti-virus software program and ensuring all updates are installed

    If you are ever concerned that you have been the victim of fraudulent activity, contact your bank immediately to ensure your credit cards are cancelled.

    ​What is special Rebate Plan?

    Our goal is to help businesses like yours attract and sell top quality product so you get your rebate through this policy. In the past, we offered a one-to-one sale model which didn't cater well to the clinics. With this new policy, clients now have the option to choose the best sales plan for their business needs.

    We are providing an attractive rebate plan for clinics to promote our NatureCeuticals Blood-Cleanser product.

    As part of the new plan rollout, a 25% rebate will paid to Clinics and 10% to your patients

    How to participate in Rebate Plan?

    Starting from, June 12, you can choose this rebate plan for your clinics and patients. You need to download and sign the Rebate plan form and email to us. our email address is or whatsApp call: +60164625137 or skype call: md.shamsuddin.sultan.khan

    Clinics that participate in the plan will obtain a rebate of 25% for each re-ordering which will be paid at the end of every month. Patients registered with the clinic will also obtain an additional discount of 10% of the recommended retail price when they reorder online. Each clinic that participates in this program will be given a unique voucher number to be given to their patients. 

    We will provide 1 carton (48 bottles) of the product to each clinic on consignment. Any unsold product needs to be sent back to the company within 3 months.