Dr Amin Malik Shah is a pharmacologist by training. He obtained his PhD in University of New South Wales, Australia after graduating from University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has attained almost 2 decades in research experience and has authored countless number of high impact research publications with close to 100 postgraduate students graduated under his supervision. Dr Amin is passionate about herbal medicine. He has established Eman Research which is an international non-profit research organization that focuses in natural product research (

Dr. Amin is currently serving as a Visiting Associate Professor in John Curtins School of Medical Research at Australian National University. He is also serving as a lecturer at Department of Pharmacology, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM).

Dr. Amin founded NatureCeuticals to further develop his research ideas into pharmaceutical products that have actual health benefits. Most of his research interest focuses on the development of drugs that target angiogenesis for the treatment of cancer. Many of his research activities in this field are centered towards natural products particularly into transforming herbs into pharmaceuticals employing various manufacturing and formulation technologies.