About the company

Our Vision

To be the world leading herbal medicine producer providing benefits to all spectrum of the global community.

Our Mission

To transform natural products into mainstream pharmaceuticals that provide actual health benefits backed by strong scientific evidence.

About The Company

NatureCeuticals is a pharmaceutical company that specialises in Cat Whiskers herb. The company has conducted extensive research on Cat Whiskers herb and currently running several clinical trials on the herbal product. NatureCeuticals was established by renowned scientists based on research work carried out in Australian and Malaysian universities. The company has dedicated much of its resources in research to ensure the quality of its products.

Quality Control

NatureCeuticals invests heavily in its quality control facility with the latest technology to ensure our products meet the highest quality. The active compounds present in our herbs are constantly being monitored to ensure they are within the acceptable range. We are one of a few companies in the world that perform biological test on every batch of extract we manufacture to validate its potency. We also perform safety tests to detect the presence of heavy metals and harmful bacteria and fungi.


The Cat Whiskers herb used in NatureCeuticals products are organically grown with no pesticides or herbicides being used. Only the finest quality leaves are being used in our products. Our Cat Whiskers are grown using special plantation technique to enhance the amount of flavonoids present in the herb. The herb is thoroughly washed with clean water and sundried before the extraction process.