News Announcement

NatureCeuticals Australia

Nuvastatic, a unique formulation of Cat Whiskers herb extract developed by NatureCeuticals has completed Phase 3 Clinical studies for Cancer asthenia. The randomized double blind clinical study involving 130 cancer patients on chemotherapy showed that patients who received Nuvastatic had significantly reduced level of fatigue and pain when compared to placebo. NatureCeuticals is in the process of obtaining marketing authorisation in a number of countries for Cancer asthenia indication for Nuvastatic. This will benefit cancer patients who are on palliative care. Cancer patients on Nuvastatic may be able to better  tolerate their chemotherapy treatment and complete their treatment cycle which may help to improve their prognosis.
Currently  another  phase 3 clinical studies involving 1400 breast and colon cancer patients is also underway. The study intends to assess if Nuvastatic can improve the clinical outcome of breast and colon cancer patients receiving standard treatment with Nuvastatic as an adjuvant. The study will be carried out in India, Malaysia and Australia.  The study is expected to be completed by end of 2022.
Nuvastatic is also in phase 2 clinical studies for diabetic retinopathy. This study intends to evaluate if Nuvastatic can help to treat diabetic retinopathy .This study is expected to be completed by early 2022.
Recently a pilot proof of concept clinical study on Covid19 patients was carried out  on moderate to severe patients who were on standard care. The study reveal that Nuvastatic treated patients showed significant improvement when compared to placebo. Patients were found to have shorter recovery period and improvement in their vital blood biochemistry. A phase 3 clinical studies is currently  underway.