News Announcement

Nuvastatic, a unique formulation of Cat Whiskers herb extract developed by NatureCeuticals has completed Phase 1 Clinical studies. The study has now obtained approval by the Indian regulatory authority to proceed to phase 2 clinical studies for breast and colon cancer. Currently, another clinical investigation is already ongoing for the use of Nuvastatic for palliative cancer care. “We are very excited about this progress and hopeful to complete these studies without much problem. Our team worked really hard to reach this far, we still have a long way to go” expressed Dr Amin Malik Shah, the founder of NatureCeuticals .
NatureCeuticals anticipate commencing the phase 3 clinical studies in several other countries by 2019 which includes USA, Australia, Malaysia, and China. “If the trial is successful we hope Nuvastatic™ will be in the market by 2021 and may probably be the first herbal-based medication that targets angiogenesis for cancer therapy if the trial is successful”. Nuvastatic will be used alongside standard chemotherapy to further enhance their effectiveness and reduce their potential side effect.