Our research

Our Research

Orthoshiphon stamineus or Orthosiphon aristatus, otherwise known as Cat Whiskers herb, has been used for centuries for general health and to enhance the health of the urinary system. The herb is a popular traditional remedy used extensively in South East Asia for a wide range of conditions including rheumatism, diabetes, hypertension, tonsillitis, epilepsy, menstrual disorders, gonorrhea, syphilis, renal calculus (kidney stones), gallstones, edema, eruptive fever, hepatitis, and jaundice.

Our research confirms many of the traditional uses of this herb. Our product is rigorously tested and we perform biological efficacy test for every herbal product that we produce to ensure potency and effectiveness of our products. 


Clinical Studies

Our clinical studies have shown that the herb extract helped to lower blood triglyceride and cholesterol level and at the same time increased frequency of urination in healthy volunteers. The clinical studies also show positive influences on the level of blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood urea.