NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser is scientifically formulated to promote healthy blood glucose and uric acid balance by maintaining optimum cellular metabolism. It is also suitable to help maintain healthy blood pressure and helps to maintain normal blood sugar levels, enhance carbohydrate metabolism, reduce the risk of blood sugar and pressure imbalance and deregulation. Its natural diuretic property makes it beneficial for Urinary Tract Infection and Kidney Stones sufferers. 

In addition, it helps to protect vital organ and tissue from free radical damage caused by unhealthy blood metabolic profile. It is designed to complement dietary and lifestyle interventions to support healthy glucose metabolism and glycaemic control. 

NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser uses a proprietary extract (LANCTOS 75TM) of Cat Whiskers leaves that contains a unique combination of plant nutrients that have enormous health benefits. 

Active Ingredients

Each capsule of NatureCeuticals Blood Cleanser contains approximately 300mg of standardised leaf extract of Cat Whiskers herb. The extraction utilises food grade ethanol to isolate out the maximum amount of flavonoids and phenolic compounds that have powerful anti-oxidant property. Two key ingredients found in abundance in this product is rosmarinic acid and sinensetin. Rosmarinic acid is a powerful antioxidant which has enormous health benefits and sinensetin is uniquely found in Cat Whiskers herb which has been shown to improve urine flow.