Canssufive Effervescent Drink


Canssufive Effervescent Drink is scientifically proven to inhibit human tumor development in animal models. It works by inhibiting the angiogenesis process which plays crucial role in tumor development. The inhibition of angiogenesis is recognized as a promising new approach in cancer prevention.

Canssufive inhibits the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and VEGF receptors (VEGFR) which are the central activators of angiogenesis. Its potent anti-angiogenic property prevents the onset of breast cancer and significantly inhibits the growth of colorectal cancer in laboratory setting. As a matter of fact, Canssufive is in process of being evaluated as cancer therapeutics in FDA-approved human clinical trials.


Why Canssufive?

Canssufive Effervescent Drink is different from the other Cat Whiskers products available in the market because Canssufive is derived from a standardized extract, hence assuring the proportion of the standardized major active ingredients present in the final product. The effervescence formula also enhances the solubility of the active ingredients plus producing an exquisite frothy effect which helps to dissipate a pleasant citrus aroma. One box of Canssufive Effervescent Drink is equivalent to 450 tea bags of ordinary Cat Whiskers tea. It is sugar free and hence suitable for diabetic consumers.

This unique anti-oxidant health drink comes in different natural flavours (lemon, blackcurrant and pineapple) in effervescence formula that contains 250mg of standardized Cat Whiskers extract. This health beverage has won national and international awards; namely Pencipta 2009 (Silver Medal), MAKNA Cancer Research Award 2010, Bio-Innovation Award 2011 (Gold Medal) and Salon de Invention de Geneva 2011 (Silver Medal).